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3FXtrud 25 Duo

$2099 to $2499 depending on the options included. Lead time vary, please contact sales@shapingbits.com for a quote.

 Product Description

3FXtrud 25 Duo is a fully featured, dual-extruder 3D printer, ready to print in a broad range of renewable and engineering thermoplastic materials (PLA, ABS, HIPS, ABS-HIPS, TPU, TPE, Nylon, PVA, PETT, Conductive ABS and PLA).


True free-form fabrication: 

With 3FXtrud 25 Duo you can print any 3D geometry with overhangs, bridges, internal spaces with internal objects, all possible by using dissolvable support materials.

Multi-material 3D printing:

The true potential of 3D printing technology can be reached only by accessing a variety of materials with properties matching given applications. We've designed 3FXtrud 25 Duo with the intent of creating a versatile and reliable platform, ready to print in a large variety of engineering and renewable thermoplastics. Thus, hard, flexible, and soft (compressible) thermoplastics can all be printed by one machine, along with any two combinations of such materials. 

Supported materials (list is expanding as more materials are going to become available and tested):

material Maximum service temperature in air printing temperature heated bed (HB) HB temperature enclosure
ABS 85 C 230 - 250 C must have

120 - 130 C 1st layer

110 - 120 C other layers

must have for large parts
Nylon 60 - 100 C 235 - 260 C must have 80 C required
TPU 80 C 230 - 250 C helps 60 C not required
PC 145 C 290 - 310 C must have 130 C  required
PC-ABS 125 C 260 - 280 C must have 110 - 130 C required
HIPS 100 C 230 - 240 C must have 110 - 130 C helps
PVA 60 C 180 - 200 C must have 80 C helps
PLA 50 - 60 C 195 - 215 C helps

80 C 1st layer

60 C all other layers

not required 



1. internal air filter/conditioner/mixer system insuring odor free and uniform temperature profile up to 60C for the enclosed air.  (+ 400)


Fully featured free-form fabrication:

  • a 5th generation all metal hot-end specially optimized for 3D printing a large variety of engineering, renewable, and food grade thermoplastics (ABS, Nylon, PC, PC-ABS, TPU, HIPS, PLA)
  • precision extruder with spring tensioning and tension indicator that's easily tuned for many different thermoplastics
  • heated bed for improved adhesion and preventing warping
  • very smooth and flat removable borosillicate float glass build surface
  • fully enclosed build volume that is required for multi-material 3D printing
  • transparent three sides and top panel allowing to see the intricacy of the print process
  • adjustable cooling fan that provides extra cooling of the build to speed up the 3D printing process
  • a rigid, anodized, all aerospace aluminum alloy frame, base plate and build platform structure providing a dimensionally stable platform for the 3-axis linear motion system
  • linear motion system uses high quality hardened and chrome plated steel rails with precision bearings for precise and long life operation
  • printing from a flash memory card or USB (wi-fi under development)
  • high torque stepper motors with high current and 1/32 micro-stepping motor drivers for increased accuracy and low noise
  • a generous build volume, with a 25cm x 25cm x25 cm
  • very high resolution with 20 micrometers layer height.
  • easy nozzle replacement and alignment.

3FXtrud 25 Duo is a 3D printer with true free-form fabrication (3F) capability that lets you create designs free of constrains imposed by single extruder 3D printers. With a large list of supported materials, you can create fully functional parts in direct CAD to object fashion. Single material high-quality working prototypes, working parts in technical thermoplastics or art models in biodegradable materials. The quality of a 3d printer depends on position accuracy at any given time and control of the material flow as it's being laid down layer by layer. Generally, a lower layer height and smaller nozzle diameter give higher resolution prints. 3FXtrud 25 Duo can print routinely at 20 to 100 micrometers, thus it will print objects with smooth walls and rich details. For very small objects or with high intricacy, you can use 0.2 mm nozzles instead of the standard 0.35 mm.

One of the difficulties of printing soft (compressible) materials is minimizing the amount of oozed material at layer change. We designed this 3D printer with a  direct drive extruder mechanism provides excellent control (no oozing) over the printing material flow thus improving the prints quality that require no post production of the prints regardless of the thermoplastic used. 


SPECIFICATIONS 3FXtrud 25 Duo bot:


3D printing technology Fused Filament Fabrication
Build volume 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm
Layer resolution

User selectable anywhere between:

20 micrometers (High resolution)

300 micrometers (Faster printing)

Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Hot end all metal construction for high temperature operation
Nozzle diameter 0.35mm (standard), 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm
Heated build platform

130 C maximum continuous operating temperature

removable glass surface 

Positioning mechanism Rigid gantry type for X and Y with independent Z motion of the build platform
Linear motion chrome plated hardened steel with precision metal linear bearings
Positioning precision

X, and Y: 12.5 micrometers

Z: 0.3 micrometers

Printing speed

up to 250 mm/s; Normal printing speed 100 mm/s to 200 mm/s.

non printing movements up to 250mm/s

Motors 1.8° high torque stepper motors with 1/32 micro-stepping high current drivers
AC power input 110 V - 250 V AC
Frame all anodized aerospace aluminum alloy 

aluminum alloy base plate with acrylic panels

fully enclosed build volume.

Printer dimensions W 49.5 cm x D 54.0 cm x H 55.0 cm
Weight 18 Kg
Open source software toolchain Printrun and Repetier host for printer controlSlic3r for .stl slicing
Operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS


 Product Videos

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